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The Battlefield beneath your feet

The Defence of East Sussex Project is the most comprehensive post-war survey of military activity in the county 1939-45 using original Allied and German sources.

There is a lot of evidence of wartime activity still remaining in the UK landscape - but did you know that there's a battlefield beneath your feet?

The Battlefield beneath your feet

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Issuing the No.4 Rifle - a lack of foresight?

Issuing the No.4 Rifle - a lack of foresight?

Posted: 29 Dec 2015

Weapons go through a process of development in the light of war experience, either to improve their battlefield performance or to speed up and economise on manufacturing time and resources.

Producing new weapons is one thing; issuing them to the troops is another. For 1st Canadian Infantry Division the exchange of nearly 10,000 new rifles for old ones in 1943 was not a pain-free process.

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Wartime Christmas in East Sussex

Wartime Christmas in East Sussex

24 Dec 2015

Mention Christmas and soldiers in the same breath and most people can relate something about the famous 1914 truce on the Western Front.

Pillboxes for dummies (Part 3)

Pillboxes for dummies (Part 3)

22 Sep 2015

My friend Paul and I built a full-size dummy Type 22 pillbox using plans from 1941; see Part 1 for the history of these dummies and Part 2 to read about planning the project.

Pillboxes for dummies (Part 2)

Pillboxes for dummies (Part 2)

21 Sep 2015

Five years ago I discovered some 1941 plans for building a dummy pillbox in the archives. I spent this summer actually building one as an archaeological reconstruction.

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