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The Battlefield beneath your feet

The Defence of East Sussex Project is the most comprehensive post-war survey of military activity in the county 1939-45 using original Allied and German sources.

There is a lot of evidence of wartime activity still remaining in the UK landscape - but did you know that there's a battlefield beneath your feet?

The Battlefield beneath your feet

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Bomb craters (11) - Battle

Bomb craters (11) - Battle

Posted: 24 Jul 2014

In 1943, three German bombs fell on the town of Battle in a daylight tip and run raid. The sudden attack saw two civilians killed and much damage to property across the County. Archive documents and fieldwork reveal surviving evidence of the attack.

The three FW190s crossed the Sussex coast at Pett, strafing numerous farm buildings and cottages on their way to Battle, at 8.50am on Tuesday 2nd February.

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The Dover Quad - a colonial pillbox?

The Dover Quad - a colonial pillbox?

16 Jul 2014

The so-called Dover Quad is a defence work classed as a 'pillbox'; not surprising, given its appearance. However, a new archive discovery has shed some light on the evolution of this oddity.

Tragedy at Crowborough

Tragedy at Crowborough

05 Jul 2014

In July 1944, a ferocious battle was being fought in NW Europe. The outcome of this battle could have a bearing on the outcome of war and casualties were high. However, this wasn't on the front line in France - it was in England.

Eight Years

Eight Years

13 Mar 2014

This week sees the eighth anniversary of the Defence of East Sussex Project! The past year has flown by, with some fantastic opportunities presenting themselves.

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