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1 Blog: 10 years old!
It's 10th March 2016 and the Defence of East Sussex Project is ten years old!
10 March 2016
2 Blog: Roadblock Recce (38) Michelham Priory
I spent the day at Michelham Priory near Hailsham and found some surviving evidence of a nearby roadblock.
27 August 2013
3 Blog: Roadblock Recce (37) Rotherfield area
A visit to a few roadblock locations in the Rotherfield area looking for a handful of cylinders and buoys lead to my uncovering far more than I was expecting.
19 August 2013
4 Blog: Roadblock Recce (36) Burwash area
A recent trip into the Sussex Weald covers a long expanse of roadblock locations at Burwash Common, Burwash, Etchingham and Robertsbridge.
29 July 2013
5 Blog: Roadblock Recce (35) Bodiam
I can't believe that it's been 18 months since my last Roadblock Recce! A trip to Bodiam identifies the location of a roadblock and the Type 28A pillbox guarding it.
27 July 2013
6 Blog: Roadblock Recce (34) - Winchelsea
Stone gatehouses, water-filled moats, dry ditches and burning oil - all Medieval methods of defending a town. In the case of Winchelsea, these were the chosen methods of defence in the 20th Century too.
29 October 2011
7 Blog: Roadblock Recce (33) - Fairlight
A walk along a road in Fairlight revealed some unrecorded evidence at the site of a WW2 roadblock.
24 August 2011
8 Blog: Five years on - and the best year so far!
"I may get out and about during the summer to visit the invasion coast." It's been five years since I wrote these words on 10 March 2006, unwittingly sparking the Defence of East Sussex Project; I still can't believe how I've got to where I am now.
10 March 2011
9 Blog: Roadblock Recce (32) - revisits
Since starting the Roadblock Project in July 2008, further information has come to light and I've revisited a few sites, some by chance and some on purpose and have uncovered a few extant remains.
4 October 2010
10 Blog: Roadblock Recce (31) - Rye
Although I covered many of the roadblocks in Rye two years ago, I had yet to visit a sequence of blocks along the Royal Military Road. The most interesting site still has a handful of pimples extant.
22 September 2010
11 Blog: Catching up
I'm several months behind on reading emails and blogging partly due to technical problems, so if you've sent me an email and not had a response, please bear with me!
26 November 2009
12 Blog: Roadblock recce (30) - Cuckmere bridges
A quick recce of a couple of bridges over the Cuckmere River revealed no surviving evidence of roadblocks.
17 October 2009
13 Blog: Roadblock recce (29) - Norman's Bay
The Army was critical of the roads at Norman's Bay, but only one roadblock was listed here in late 1941. There was no surviving evidence of it, although I did find an odd array of pimples.
21 August 2009
14 Blog: Roadblock recce (28) - Sharpsbridge
I've been meaning to visit roadblocks at Sharpsbridge and Buckham Hill on account of a type of large concrete block that has been recorded at both locations.
19 August 2009
15 Blog: Roadblock recce (27) - the 'Maginot Line'
A Canadian war diary jokingly refers to the locality around Langney Bridge as the "Maginot Line" and looking at both British and German documents, we can see why.
17 August 2009
16 Blog: Roadblock recce (26) - Stone Cross
Stone Cross was an important road junction and was therefore defended as a nodal point, with five roadblocks defining the perimeter.
17 August 2009
17 Blog: Roadblock recce (25) - Buxted
I spent the day looking for roadblocks around Buxted; I found no remains of any, but did come across some pillboxes.
10 August 2009
18 Blog: Roadblock recce (24) - St. Leonards
After a break from surveying roadblocks, I got back into the swing of things by driving out to St. Leonards to investigate some sites in the area.
8 August 2009
19 Blog: Roadblock recce (23) - Offham
Offham had one roadblock and several barrel flame traps; having finished my walk across Mount Harry and up on Offham Hill I decided to have a look.
22 March 2009
20 Blog: Roadblock recce (22) Exceat Bridge
Following my discovery of an observation post on Windover Hill, I moved down to Exceat Bridge to the site of a roadblock.
15 March 2009
21 Blog: Roadblock recce (21) - Lewes
I visited a total of 14 roadblock sites in Lewes and the surrounding area today, finding only a batch of buoys that are already well-known.
8 March 2009
22 Blog: Roadblock recce (20) - Battle
I spent the day inspecting Battle's roadblock sites and found a set of four rail sockets at a location not listed in the Roadblock report.
28 February 2009
23 Blog: Roadblock recce (19) Bexhill
Bexhill had 30 widely dispersed roadblocks, which is why it's taken me three trips so far. Today's excursion polished off 8 of the outstanding 12 locations.
16 February 2009
24 Blog: Roadblock recce (18) Boreham Street - Ninfield - Catsfield
My roadblock site visits have now hit the 150 mark following a trip to Boreham Street, Ninfield and Catsfield. I found a pair of pimples embedded in a wall as well as a slit trench.
29 December 2008
25 Blog: Roadblock recce (17) John's Cross - Cripp's Corner
On my way into Kent today, I stopped off and did some roadblock work at John's Cross and Cripp's Corner.
17 December 2008

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